Azelas the Laughing Lady is the middle daughter of Oy. She is insane, even by the standards of the gods. Her domains are weather, change, and madness, and she is dangerously unpredictable, even to her own priests. Azelas delights in transformation, and will sooner twist an enemy into something unnatural rather than outright slay him; she deeply dislikes Mother Death and her absolutes.

Azelas’ appearance is ever-changing. She is usually female but sometimes male, sometimes neither, sometimes both. The one recurring trait is her pearlescent laughter, which – no matter her form – remains the same hysteric, joyous cacophony.

Azelas mostly draws her priesthood from the twisted beastmen of the West, her own creations made by warping the forms of Men and Women. She delights in perverting Luni’s creations rather than destroying them. The priests are an eclectic bunch, but their uniform is typically simple and tribal. They have power over the weather, and the ability to transform their own bodies or the forms of others, making mighty warriors grow limp and powerless or turning beautiful faces into twisted visages.

Azelas’ prefers ecstatic prayer, usually in the form of song and dance. She cares very little for sacrifices, but takes joy in seeing humans ridiculed, transformed, twisted or humiliated.


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