Iseas, the Naked Prince, is the youngest son of Oy. He is an eerie, peculiar god who holds power over knowledge, wisdom, and secrets – things which he consider to be his, and his alone. Nothing frustrates Iseas more than not knowing, and he is – unfortunately – kept in the dark about the secret of souls. For this reason, he endlessly toils to unearth all he can about the mortal mind. Privacy infuriates Iseas – all dreams and thoughts ought to belong to him.

Iseas appears as a pale-skinned, slightly androgynous man with wispy white hair. He is clad only in mist and clouds, hence his nickname, and he never touches anything physical, including the ground. He loathes the gross banality of material things.

Iseas’ priests mimic their patron, and are often dressed in little more than loincloths or loose-fitting skirts. Their god keeps them from ever feeling cold, and they walk the endless mountains of the North aimlessly, listening for secrets on the wind. Since Iseas loathes having secrets kept from him, he has blessed his priests with powers over the mind – they can reach inside a man’s head, and pluck out his deepest, darkest fear without difficulty. Their magic is otherwise subtle, revolving around seeing things from afar or breaking men’s minds in an attempt to learn the secret of souls.

Prayers to Iseas are always whispered. He does not accept human sacrifices – blood and guts are gross, material things – but only incense and burnt strips of paper.


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