Luni snatched the dying breath of the creator-god, Oy, and this gave her power over souls. Thus she raised up the dumb ape-beasts of Mundus Ieuvenis, and made Men and Women of them.

That she stole the precious gift of souls from her ravenous siblings caused her to suffer nearly the same fate as her father. But the four Gods could not destroy her; they were unable to repeat the murder of Oy. The power of souls protected Luni, and so they tore her apart and threw her into the Void.

Luni once had the form of a plain young woman, similar in form to the race she uplifted. Her siblings destroyed her physical form, and whatever form she has now is unknown.

She is unable to intervene in the World, having been cast out into the Void, and so none have ever seen her. There are some mad prophets who claim to have heard her voice – when this happens, the priests of the Four Gods descend upon the prophet, and kill him in the most gruesome way they can imagine.


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