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The underlying, most basic theme of Rage Against the Heavens is “Humanity, Fuck Yeah”. The ability of humans to overcome insurmountable obstacles and achieve greatness stands as the central driving theme. The other central theme – and in a sense, balancing force – is “The Cost of Freedom”. Most of the world has chosen slavery to the gods, but the gods are mighty and grant many boons. What is it worth to be free? What are you willing to sacrifice to rid yourself of the yoke?


Guidelines for character creation and development within the Mundus Ieuvenis:

1. Origins. Describe your characters’ upbringing, backstory, and training.

2. Past Triumphs. Describe one adventure you’ve had in the Mundus Ieuvenis. Perhaps it was a clash with the priesthood or one of their champions; or it was an encounter with a monster or some other kind of peril. Most fantasy creatures are appropriate to the setting.

3. The Trophy. Describe one person, place or thing from the past adventure that is meaningful to you. Perhaps it was the lover you saved from human sacrifice, or the town you protected from a slavering monster, where you’re now worshiped as a hero. Or maybe it’s a literal trophy, like a masterful sword that a grateful smith made for you.

4. The Enemy. Describe one enemy you’ve faced that you were unable to defeat. Maybe she bested you and sent you to the mines as a slave, where you only later escaped. Perhaps she left you for dead on the salt flats of the south, convinced of your demise. Or maybe it was a monster that barely escaped after killing your sword-brother, somewhere deep in the woods.

5. The Friend. Describe one NPC ally that you can rely on, either from your distant past or a more recent acquaintance.


Rage Against the Heavens takes place in Mundus Ieuvenis, the Young World. It was shaped by the god Oy, who is now dead; he was ripped to pieces by four of his children, and devoured. Thereby, his children gained the powers of creation. And these are the first four children of Oy:

Ashur, the Ironclad, whose domain is rage and murder and who spreads war like wildfire.
Gorgo, the Hungry Mother, who rules over the fields, who eats the flesh and blood of men.
Iseas, the Naked Prince, whose domain is knowledge, and who tolerates no secrets nor freedom or privacy.
Azelas, the Laughing Lady, who rules over the storms and the rain, and who spreads chaos and insanity in her ever-shifting form.

Yet it is said there was also a fifth child, Luni. The weakest of her siblings, she did not partake in the feast. Instead, she snatched Oy’s last breath. She took it into herself, and gained the power of souls; and this she breathed into the dumb ape-beasts of the earth, and made men and women of them. When her elder siblings found out, they tore her limb from limb and cast her out of existence, into eternal torment. And they made slaves of her creations.

But Luni cried into the void, and the void heard her. And from the void came Mother Death. And Luni explained her suffering and her torment, and Mother Death took pity on her and her creations. Mother Death swore that in Mundus Iuvenis, no suffering should last forever. And so Mother Death came to enter the World.

The world is yet young. Mother Death has only claimed a handful of generations. Mankind is enslaved, but there are some who resist.

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