Death to the Overlords

The gift of souls is a precious one. It turned ape-beasts into men and women, imbued with reason and thought. Through the gift of souls, man learned to master the fire and the forge, to till the fields and to make pottery. But the gift of souls could be given away – and so began mankind’s slavery.

The cruel, capricious gods desired to rule mankind. They bestowed their power to willing servants, using their souls as conduits for their dark miracles – thereby gaining power in the world of Men. Humanity now trembles at the feet of the priesthood, whose powers are like those of the gods themselves. Luni, Mankind’s creator, was banished to the Void, and her siblings have made toys of her creation.

But the soul of mankind is not easily quenched. Some resist the lure of the dark gods, refusing to become slaves to their whims. Some oppose the priesthood with their own strength.

Some rage against the heavens. And the heavens ought to tremble.

Rage Against the Heavens

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