Summer Rain

Solemn young woman


Rain was born in a village just outside a small town in the East. Her father was a wheeler and her mother worked in the fields. In that area parents traditionally name their children after things/concepts they like for one reason or another. Her full name is Soft Rain on a Summer Day, because the priests of Gorgo rarely venture outside when it’s raining, unless it rains very much in which case they “must” make a human sacrifice to appease Gorgo.

Rain had a younger brother, Warm Fire on a Stormy Night, Fire for short (or Firestorm when their father was angry with him). When Rain was 8 years old the priests of Gorgo came to the village and took every first born boy to sacrifice in the town when the High Priest came to visit, just like they did in all other surrounding villages. It was a sad year, but they weren’t allowed to grieve, lest they’d bring the priests’ wrath down upon them. Being chosen as a sacrifice to Gorgo was a great honor, according to them.

Rain protested the cruel treatment publicly, and some months later a group of strangers showed up at their doorstep in the middle of the night. They said that the entire family was in great danger because the High Priest (of Gorgo) had sent her cadre to execute them. Thinking it must be because of Rain’s protests her parents believed the strangers and agreed to leave at once. Thus began the next chapter of Rain’s life, when she moved from place to place, never staying more than a few years for fear of being discovered.

The strangers knew a place where the family would be safe and arranged for them to go there. It took them several months wandering through the wilderness westward, to the Midlands. They finally arrived in a village much like the one they’d just left and were greeted by a family belonging to the cult that the strangers finally admitted to being members of. The local family pretended that Rain and her family were distant cousins, seeking a better life than they had before. Some of the cultists started teaching Rain how to defend herself and survive in the wilderness. After a couple of years the family moved on, much like they had the first time, and settled down in a different village in the Midlands.

And so it continued for many years. New villages, new cultists. The only difference was that each of Rains teachers favored different weapons, and thus she was trained in the use of a variety of weapons. Rain seemed to instinctively adapt to each weapon put in her hand – due to her soul, the cultists claimed. Rain didn’t like it when the cultists talked about her as some kind of Savior. But she liked the combat training, and so she kept her thoughts to herself. Eventually she started specializing in the use of bows, particularly short bows. Her teachers were perplexed at her unorthodox technique, applying the moves and combat style of one handed melee weapons to the bow.

One day the sanctuary of the family was broken. A group of assassins, probably sent by the High Priest of Gorgo all the way from the East, attacked the village. Rain was in the forest when they attacked, and only arrived just in time to see her mother slain by one of them. She threw away the deer she had felled and was carrying on her shoulders and tossed herself headfirst into the battle. It was a slaughter. All the villagers, including the local cultists and Rain’s father, were killed. But only at great cost on the assassin’s part. Rain and the cultists managed to kill all but two of them, who reluctantly let Rain flee into the forest as their leader was too injured to chase her down. They probably thought they’d be able to track her down later, but Rain had been taught well. She also knew the location of a man that would help her. A cultist living alone in the middle of the forest, keeping mostly to himself but meeting up with the local cultists from time to time, bringing messages from other cells.

Rain was incredibly lucky, and found him at his hut. He let her in, introducing himself as Gorn. Once Rain had explained the reason for her sudden and most unexpected visit he asked some questions regarding the dress and looks of the assassins and once he was done he wasted no time. He grabbed his backpack (which was already packed) and opened a floorboard from where he grabbed an item wrapped in linen cloth. He unwrapped a simple but extremely well made short bow, explaining that it had belonged to his wife, who was a noble woman in the Midlands (he himself was also born a nobleman, but he left that detail for Rain to figure out herself, which she did a few months later). He gave the bow to Rain, saying that he wanted her to have it. He had not believed that she was the special soul that the other cultists had claimed, but now he saw that they were right after all. Why else would the High Priest of Gorgo send her elite cadre led by no one less than Park Moonblade?

Thus it came that Soft Rain on a Summer Day and Gorn Ironshield of House Navarra became travelling companions, heading West to the Asylum from the Gods.


Summer Rain

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