The Events Thus Far

After arriving in Cosh, the two heroes were introduced to the triumvirate that rules the city – Yurgen the warrior, Eagle the hunter, and Noster, the old monk.

Yurgen wanted to recruit Rain to his warriors, but she refused. Yurgen said he would lay claim to her armor, since a warrior would need it better. The two met up and spoke with Noster, who said Eagle was in charge of providing housing.

Eagle then returned with a sick and wounded man, who had been poisoned by the barbarians. He had mystic glyphs carved into his flesh, indicating that the barbarians have found a priest with knowledge of the language of the gods. In the night, the man broke free and attacked Noster, and shortly thereafter barbarians attacked.

A woman riding a bear charged down the front barricade, and in the ensuing chaos Eagle was kidnapped, having been followed from her expedition by the barbarians.

Wolf and Rain silently left the village in the morning and moved out into the woods, following the kidnappers. There were fairly obvious tracks from another giant bear, but about a half a day’s travel from the town, they found the bear dead – killed by giant spiders. They pressed on despite the weather getting increasingly worse, following the tracks until they came upon an ape-man camp, and a bog troll that attacked Rain.

Hiding in this camp to recover from their injuries, they waited until the dead of midnight, and then – in pitch darkness and pouring rain – made their way through the deadly swamp to find a camp where Eagle was held prisoner, tied to a mysterious obelisk.

Rain distracted the big brute and the archers, while Wolf assassinated the shaman leader who was about to start some kind of ritual. After freeing Eagle and copying the mysterious runes on the obelisk, they buried the stone and set about the journey back to Cosh.

The Events Thus Far

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