Ashur the Ironclad is the eldest son of Oy. He is a bloodthirsty god whose domain is war, conflict and slaughter. In some ways he is more fair than his siblings, for he respects strength and will sometimes spare his enemies; in other ways he is far more murderous, as he has no tolerance for the weak and will see them crushed beneath his iron boot before he grants them any mercy.

Ashur appears as a towering man, perpetually clad in iron. Flames burn beneath the visor of his armor, and his enormous iron greatsword is wreathed in fire.

His priests are similarly menacing. Ashur’s dark miracles means they never feel heat, and so they are typically at the very least swathed in heavy red robes. Many are armored, with harnesses enchanted to become almost weightless. The priests of Ashur otherwise almost exclusively wield destructive magic – fire from the skies, melting armor, or turning enemies inside-out with a word.

Ashur’s favored form of sacrifice is warriors fallen in battle. Prayers to the Ironclad are loud, accompanied by brass and cymbals.


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