Gorgo, the Hungry Mother, is the eldest daughter of Oy. She is a ravenous goddess who rules over farming and fertility and can make crops spring from the ground with a thought – but she eats only meat and drinks only blood. For Gorgo, mankind is cattle – cattle which she breeds and feeds to sate her own undying appetite.

Gorgo typically appears as a bloated, naked, vaguely feminine creature. She has no face – an enormous fanged mouth occupies her entire head. When she wishes, she can transform into a grotesquely thin, starved form, or even into an appealing, seductive young woman – but in this latter form she must wear a veil, as her face never changes.

Gorgo’s priests are typically hedonists. The goddess gives them license to do whatever they please to their fellow cattle, as long as they keep the sacrifices coming. They have command over plants and animals, and can make fields bloom or fall into ruin; they can also birth demons from their mouths and spawn monsters from the leftover remnants of their bloody sacrifices.

Gorgo’s favored form of sacrifice is blood sacrifice – animals will do, but humans are her favorite fare. Prayers to her are meaningless unless accompanied by freshly spilled blood, but typically spoken in an ecstatic fashion.


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